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Kimchibot Project is on a mission to create trading bot with forecasting algorithm that generates exponential profit with zero losses and provide buy and sell signals to cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts. In cryptocurrency market where nobody knows 100 percent of the time the correct direction the price will take, Kimchibot is there to help your investment grow. We offer free trial for those interested.
Frequently Asked Questions
Kimchibot signal shows the current trend on the cryptocurrency market. The forecast shown on the website has a corresponding timestamp in your local time. If the timestamp of the current forecast is only 1 to 15 minutes, there is a high probability that the market will follow the signal in the next couple of minutes. SELL means that the price will have a DOWN trend and BUY means that the price will have an UP trend.
Kimchibot is running on a cloud server, using Amazon AWS serverless function. However, depending on the user request, we also provide the bot as an application that can be run Linux or Windows system with user preferred scheduler.
If you prefer to run the bot on our AWS cloud server, the answer is YES. You need to provide your API Keys with order permssion to allow the bot to post orders on your behalf. There is NO NEED to give WITHDRAWAL permission, this way, you are sure that your funds are safe.
Depending on the user requests, we can add other cryptocurrency coins or exchanges. If you have specific request, please send us a message and we will try to accommodate it. However, we highly appreciate donations to support the site and provide specific user requests.
No. We can also provide signals for the following :
  • etc.
If you have specific exchange in mind, please send us a message. We might ask for donations if you want the signal of a specific exchange to be a permanent part of the kimchibot website.
Kimchibot earns about a minumum of 1.5% of the contract size per coin per day. However, this profit gain is exponential since Kimchibot can trade using other coin as well.
You have an XBT, ETH, LTC and XRP running at the same time. Your mimimum profit for the day would be 1.5% x 4 = 6% of your contract size.
Donations received are use for the website and the server maintenance. Once the website is fully sustainable, there is a plan to share the proceedings to fund other humanitarian activities such as feeding program in the Philippines, Yemen, Syria, Congo, etc.